A synthesis of a syncretic pre-trial emerges from and depends on the explicated and judicious term of an examiner, in a perpendicular permeability.
The Abnegation in explicating the behavioural terms emerges when an ostensive simulacrum is erected, a simulacrum of the prevailing work of the one who ex-amines.

The structure determined in a substantial manner emerges in an apotheosis of cross-reference in a liturgical ceremony, where the ‘judgement’ goes beyond the ‘Pre’ in a nullified going forward.
The correspondence is a collimating between a correspondent examination and a Ceremony that corresponds to the Examiner.
The relation of belonging is a simulation between a corresponding collimating and a corresponded exam.
The simulacrum of the simulation is the corresponded in the correspondent lead-ing role of the synthetic assimilation of the ‘role’ and of the collimating ‘guide’ in the word ‘defendant’.
The Demiurge chairing a liturgical Ceremony poses the clarification of a symp-tom that crosses and prevails over the assumption of a ‘judgement’, which has a redundant effect on the ‘Pre’ in a nullified going forward.
The scheme of a prevaricating obtaining emerges insidiously as it builds up an exam in a collimating ceremony of an official rite.

The Demiurge (and the synthetic form ‘Examiner’) gives a pregnant ‘look’ and disposes the premonitory signs, which are outlined in a imaginative manner in a prevailing liturgical Ceremony, where the correspondent ‘leading role’ is offici-ated by the word ‘defendant’.

The back consideration of a simulation of Abnegation is so called ‘Dead Form’, which is defined by an indefinite ‘ultimate Defunct’.
The ‘Dead Form’ delineates itself irreversibly in an imaginative synthesis: back-induced Extension in simplification effectiveness.
The role and the corresponding collimating ‘guide’ correspond in a reduced pre-monition of the synthesis, which is evocated in a reverential availability: ceremo-nial assonance between the word ‘defendant’ and a ‘Dead Form’, pronoun of an ‘ultimate Defunct’.
An inclination is produced by the analogy between an ‘inclined’ that claims and an ‘inclined’ that takes part to the official liturgical ceremony while preparing the simulation of the leading role in a dissimulation of prepared documents.
The synthetic Abnegation of an exam induces the listening of the delegated terms,which imprint their essence in a ‘Dead Form’ that detects (and reveals) a substan-tial product in an imaginative manner and in an officious Ceremony of a rite where the inclination is analogous with the word ‘defendant’.

“Those who carefully prepare themselves for negotiations know their final goal and can evaluate the expectations of their interlocutors. Their starting point is a strong one. On the contrary, those who do not know the rules of the game or do not realize that they are involved in a negotiation even if they are in the middle of it, are in an extremely weak position.”





“A summary proceeding is a pre-trial extended to the merit, which takes place in a courtroom in the presence of an investigating judge (according to the stage when it is requested) and can be classified as unilateral request for a trial. It is characterized by the decision taken on the state of the preliminary investigation, which has full probative value (documents of the prosecutor’s file) at this stage.In case of conviction a summary proceeding implies the reduction of the sentence to a third in order to encourage the private party to ask for this procedure.”






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