On the Origin of the World


It might be surprising to some, but there actually is a god in Mainländers philosophy. Or to be more precise, there was a god. Before our universe was born, the only thing that existed was the basic unity*, a being in a state that can only be described by negations: It was not bound to time or space or matter.

It existed in a transcendental world that has nothing to with the laws of physics or anything else that we know from our world. All we can say about the basic unity, is that is has been and is no longer, it vanished with the birth of our universe, which is the only miracle that ever happened. Everything that happened after that miracle, the very second the universe was born, is our world where our laws of physics make sense.

After defining the basic unity as a being that is absolutely different from us and is furthermore the cause of the birth of our entire universe, we can now give that being the name it deserves: God. But we can not try to describe this God any further, because that would mean leaving our reality, projecting logics that only make sense in our world, into another world. The only thing we know is that the basic unity must have been killing itself, because it was the only thing existing before the universe and therefore it couldn’t have been killed by anything else, because there wasn’t anything that could have killed it. Therefore the universe, as we know it, was born through the suicide of God.


God decided that he can’t bear his existence anymore and that he wishes to turn into Nothingness. But he was not able to reach that goal without thereby creating our world, because the path from his over-being** to Nothingness required a transition, which is being as we know it, our universe. This entire world is therefore nothing more than God’s “body”, that is in all its components rotting into nothingness now.


The Universal Law of the Weakening of Power


The course of the universe is therefore defined as a movement from the over-being (God) through the being (our universe) into nothingness. The world itself is the decay in the plurality, that means in egoistic individuals that are fighting each other. This path is predestined and it couldn’t have been any other, any shorter or any longer than exactly how it is. The universal law of the weakening of the power (entropy) causes the world to decay in a large amount of unorganic and organic individuals that are all weakening the power of other beings and their environment and the same time getting weakened themself by the overall course of the universe. The purpose of every natural force, every form of matter and every form of life is exclusively to weaken the power sum of the universe by living the path through the state of being into nothingness. Every part of nature is desiring for absolute death, because that is the ultimate goal of every form of matter and life – to turn into nothing.


Teleology of Annihilation


The universe is in a state of harmony, despite all the fighting and slaughtering that is going on in it. It is in harmony, because every part of it origins from the basic unity, the God that killed himself and therefore created the universe. Each individual once was a part of the basic unity, therefore it is exactly what it decided to be, when it was part of God. All the individual beings, no matter if organic or unorganic, are now representing Gods will to die. Therefore, the will to die is the driving force of the universe. In the unorganic kingdom we have gases, liquids and solid substances.


The gas only has one striving: to seperate in all directions. If it could unimpededly exert this striving, it would become weaker and weaker. If it truly fulfilled its striving, it would be annihilated. Liquids only have one striving: It wants to flow apart, to an ideal point, that is outside of itself. The striving for an ideal point outside itself is obviously a striving for annihilation, nothingness. Every solid substance or body has only one striving: to an ideal point, which is outside of itself. On our earth this point would be the center of the planet. If it would reach this goal, it would be annihilated the moment it reached it and turn into nothingness.


In the unorganic kingdom we have seen the will to die in its blunt form. Now we move to the organic kingdom, where things are getting a little bit tricky. A plant grows, procreates and dies. While in the unorganic kingdom “life” only meant a repression of the will to die by chemical processes, the plant obviously wants life, because it grows and procreates to turn its absolute death into a relative death, by spreading it’s “idea” into the future. Therefore, what we see here for the first time, is the will to live. The plant also has the will to die, but it can’t reach it in the straight way, therefore its life is a medium for the purpose to reach death. Animals are initially plants and all we said about plants also goes for them. But what seperates them from each other, is that the animal instinctively fears death. If it realizes any threat for its life it either flees or fights for its life.


Obviously, what happened here is that the medium (life) is putting itself in front of the purpose (death). The animal is, just like the unorganic individuals, will to die. While plants developed the will to live as a medium for the purpose to reach the goal, which is death, the animals will to die is now completely masked by the will to live. On the surface the animal only wants life and fears death, but that doesn’t change the fact that it will eventually die and therefore deep down it is also the will to die, which is the driving force of everything, because reality itself is nothing more than a rotting God.


Humans are initially animals and all we said about animals also goes for them. But what seperates humans from the all the other individuals that repesent the will to die, is that this basic universal will not only gets completely masked like with the animals, but it truly sinks down into the deepest abyss of oblivion and the only thing that seems to be left as the driving force is the will to live. Humans compasionately love their life and even the slightest thought about death disturbes them. The medium coompletely covers the purpose, life is abnormally loved , death is abnormally hated.


Mankind, Civilisation and the Ideal State


The movement of mankind as a whole isn’t any other and can’t be any other than the movement of the universe. It’s the movement from the over-being through the being into the nothingness. Every action of a human, the most nobel just as the lowest, is egoistic. Because just like the devil can’t see his fellow people being happy, the saint can’t see them being unhappy or suffering. Therefore, the devil and the saint, both act for egoistic reasons and both contribute to the overall movement of mankid.


This movements final goal is nothingness of course, but for mankind in special, it is the reaching of the ideal state. The ideal state would be the ultimate utopia, a socialistic paradise to which all efforts of humanity will finally lead. It will be a world without war, hunger and any sufferings beside the sufferings of birth, age and death. All sicknesses will be cured, and people will have lifes of joy with just a very small amount of work, because work will almost completely be deported to machines.


So let’s take a closer look on the citizens of that ideal state. Are they happy? They would be, if they wouldn’t suffer from horrible boredom and an everlasting emptiness in their lifes now. If they even manage to live such a pointless life until natural death, they will not be willing to force new people into this mess by procreating. They have no hope left, because they know that they already reached the ideal state.


Therefore, they will come to the conclusion that human life has to end or maybe even that all life has to end, because they finally realized that there is nothing to accomplish for sentience and that it would be better if they never had existed. This will be the point where the movement of humanity (or even the movement of all life on earth) will be fulfilled and the universe would now have to move on without (human) life on earth, to reach its own final goal, which is exactly the same: Turning into nothingness.


Apologia of Suicide


The enlightened human being, equipped with the knowledge about the course of the universe and its movement into Nothingness, should now overcome all fear of death. Only who truly discarded that basic fear, created by the illusion of the will to live, which is just a mask of the true will of all beings – the will to die, is really free.


 What should contest an individual in that state of mind? Poverty? He has no fear of starvation. Enemies? They could in the worst case kill him, and death has nothing horrible anymore for him. Pain? If pain gets unbearable he gets rid of his body without hesitating. One can reach that state of enlightenment by always remembering that deep inside he wants death, because he is, like everything else, the result of a decision to die, which was the reason for the existence of our entire world. In fact, everyone was once part of the basic unity, therefore anything that happens now to an individual is the result of that very individuals decision that it made back in the basic unity. That means: That nothing in life can hit me that hasn’t been chosen by myself before the world got created. Our will to die was created by the suicidal god who decided that not to be is better than to be. Therefore, if one can’t take his existence any longer, he should throw it away and turn into nothingness, which is the movement of the entire world.


The View into the Void


The pessimistic philosophy will be for the coming period of history what the pessimistic religion of christianity was for the past. The sign of our flag is not the crucified saviour, but the death angel with huge, calm, mild eyes, carried by the dove of the redemption thought. Redemption of the individual idea one represents, can be reached by not passing the core of this idea to the future. In other words: by not procreating. Who doesn’t live on in his progeny, will be absolutely redeemed from existence.


And if this form of secure redemption isn’t enough for an individual, it has always the possibility of resigning from its life by ending it. The course of the universe has now been proven as the movement from a over-being through a being into nothingness, and therefore it is secure, that redemption will come for everyone and everything. It’s that a matter of time, and that timespan is exactly as long as it was decided to be by the basic unity. If an individual wants to phantasize about an Garden of Eden or whatever kind of paradise after death, we should let them, in the deep conviction that they simply can’t see that the one and only true paradise is nothingness, which was chosen by the suicidal God as a better state than “somethingness”.


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