Yes,I am a many-sided being and a complicated reality!

It is only in the mirror of past memories and in dreams of the future that I can penetrate, contemplate and comprehend the real and deep essence of this enigmatic and mysterious being of mine.


Humans, oh my dear lost and renegade brothers and sisters, in truth I say to you that I am an egoistic giver; but to you I can only offer the shadow of myself. If it interests you to find me, I live behind this shadow. I inhabit the laughing house of the most joyous sorrow.


But tell me, oh my brothers and sisters, tell me, my friends: which of you was always able to resist the eye of the tempting Demon, the eye of the sinning Serpent?


Brothers and sisters, I am Evil, the Great,the True,the Magnificent Evil!


Look out for my shadow. I live behind her very sweetly cradled by the invisible arms of my ethereal lover, of my divine and hellish madness. (I have called her this because she is born from a mad embrace between Dream and Imagination, between Matter and the Idea that happened in forests sacred to Sorrow). But she is not, like Death, a lover of pale and odorous flesh.


O brothers and sisters, no! Your lovers of flesh have lost you. Mine of spirit and light have exalted, transfigured, purified andd redeemed me…


Oh Shadow! Oh my Shadow, save me now from the cynical look of my rival brothers and sisters, so that Evil and Madness, in a tight embrace, dance now in the deepest, most luminous abyss of this being of mine.


Oh, how sublime is the divine mystery of MADNESS!


Now I contemplate the Sacred Arc of the eternal fire. On this – with hair undone – I see life – my life – rising up nakes with a bacchic Thyrsus tight in hand adorned with bunches of blond and red grapes.


Now I walk fantastically with bare, winged feet on the free and laughing paths of the spirit illuminated by a sparkling, bloody dawn. And I run over there, far away, toward the blistering noontime rays of the ultimate sun to “cheerfully decay in its kiss.”

This is what the solitary vagabonds come to.


The Madmen, the Poets, the Heroes.


Oh my ultimate and true friends, come, it is time, it is time!

Don’t you see over there, in the distance, that pure City of the whitest snow?


Oh friends, friends, be strong because tragedy draws near…

Quickly watdh the pure, white city melt under the scorching power of the Sun.


Ah, the Sun, the Sun! The ultimate Fire, the ultimate Force, the ultimate Beauty, the ultimate


majestic and sacrilegious Power…


But you, oh my Madness, why ever therefore do you sneer so mockingly?


Ah, I understand, I understand…


Your smile is a jeer. Perhaps your ultimate most powerful jeer?!


Yes, perhaps…






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