“There have been many great attacks upon Christianity, strong and effective in their different ways, and one hesitates to distiguish any one of them by the superlative ‘greatest’, but if I were to use this superlative – especially with respect to sheer blasting force of inspired denunciation – I should apply it to The Antichrist of Friedrich Nietzsche….0ne is not only impressed intellectually, but one is thrilled and moved to the depths by the splendid, sweeping fervour of his attack.”

It is with these words that the renowned American freethinker and publisher, E. Haldeman-Julius, begins the introduction to his 1930 edition of The Antichrist. That Nietzsche is anti-Christian – that is, anti÷the Christian Church – is apparent to anyone who has read him. The question I want to ask, however, is he really anti- Christ as he claimed to be? Before giving my answer it may be useful to briefly outline the way in which Nietzsche viewed Christianity.

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