The century that just passed is without a doubt that in which pessimism found its most numerous, its most varied, its most vigorous and its most systematic interpreters. In addition, individualism was expressed in that century with exceptional intensity by representatives of high quality.

It could be interesting to bring together these two forms of thought, dominant in our era; to ask what is the logical or sentimental connection that exists between them, and to what degree pessimism engenders individualism and individualism engenders pessimism.

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Nothingness as Experience of oneself – Nothingness as Escape from oneself.

‘The ego, therefore, exists. But does it exist in the way it appears to me? No, because it appears to me in a way that involves the conformation of my senses and intellect, i.e. in a way that does not reflect reality in itself. My appearance is nothing but a sign, not a copy of reality.  The awareness of my ego is made by my appearance.
It makes me aware of an ego that is not my real ego.  Nevertheless this real ego reveals itself in flashes, as quite rarely and in an incomplete way, it bursts from the subterranean and dark abysses of the subconscious; and it gives me the vague and confused impression that I’m not what I seem to be but something mysterious and different. The real ego, the true ego, cannot be found but in the unconscious. And it is there that it is necessary to look for it, and understand it, as much as possible.’

The Cell as a place – which I’d widely extend to all the redemptive and non redemptive Cells that noisily clutter close morals and all ethical behaviours – where the act of depersonalization is carried out (here too it would be the case to start a full debate on the possibility of the individual, as a whole in its fragmentation, to be able to be a nonsense and a personal contradiction).

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The pessimism we want to study now is that which we have called misanthropic pessimism. This pessimism doesn’t proceed from an exasperated and suffering sensibility, but from a lucid intelligence exercising its critical clear-sightedness on the evil side of our species. Misanthropic pessimism appears in its grand lines as a theory of universal fraud and universal imbecility; of universal nanality and universal turpitude. As the pitiless painting of a world peopled with cretins and swindlers, of ninnies and fools.

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Μισανθρωπικός Πεσιμισμός (πρώτο μέρος)









Ο πεσιμισμός που θέλουμε να μελετήσουμε τώρα, είναι αυτός που αποκαλούμε μισανθρωπικό πεσιμισμό. Αυτός δεν προκύπτει από μια εξοργισμένη και υποφέρουσα ευαισθησία, αλλά  από μια νηφάλια διάνοια που εξασκεί την κριτική της οξυδέρκεια στην κακή πλευρά του είδους μας.Ο μισανθρωπικός πεσιμισμός εμφανίζεται χοντρικά ως μια ιδεολογία οικουμενικής απάτης αλλά και ηλιθιότητας ∙ οικουμενικής πεζότητας αλλά και εξαχρείωσης.  Ως το ανελέητο ζωγράφισμα ενός κόσμου με κρετίνους και απατεώνες, βλάκες και ηλίθιους.

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